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4 Reasons to Love Invisalign Teen Edina Orthodontics

July 29th, 2014

4 Reasons to Love Invisalign Teen Edina Orthodontics

invisalign teen


Reason #1:
-YOU CAN’T BEAT THE HYGIENIC BENEFITS FOR KIDS!!! Got a questionable brusher…this is a prime scenario to not just offer Invisalign Teen but strongly recommend it! As I heard once from an Elite Invisalign provider, “you aren’t going to change the stripes on a tiger.” Putting a suspect brusher into Invisalign Teen may not improve their brushing, but it will be much better for their hygiene than having braces on for the next 18 months. This is one of the top reasons parents appreciate Invisalign Teen for their kids.

- Parents don’t realize the long-term potential damage to their children’s teeth in braces if they are questionable brushers. Imagine spending the money on braces, then seeing decalcification when the braces are removed.

-Handling Objections from Mom-How many moms have to have the brushing battle when their kids are in braces? Invisalign has proven to be a great option for parents that are concerned about hygiene in their kids.

Reason #2

INVISALIGN TEEN IS IDEAL TO USE IN SPORTS AND EXTRA-CURRICULAR ACTIVITIES. For active kids Invisalign Teen won’t interfere with their busy lives.

Reason #3

INCREASE PATIENT CONFIDENCE…A MORE POSITIVE ORTHODONTIC EXPERIENCE! Kids may want braces but teenagers want Invisalign. They are focused on how others perceive them! 13-15 year old patients will not dread orthodontics when they are offered Invisalign Teen!! That makes everyone’s experience better and dramatically improves patient cooperation.

Reason #4

Mom’s will LOVE the flexible scheduling and shorter appointments. No banding/de-banding…no emergencies…shorter follow up appointments…often appointments are scheduled further apart. This makes everyone happy!

Don’t hesitate to call and make your appointment with us!

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