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Simple Steps to take Care of a Retainer after Orthodontic Treatment

July 15th, 2014

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Simple Steps to take Care of a Retainer after Orthodontic Treatment

How long will you need to wear your retainer? Forever.

Yes, we know that forever sounds like a long time. Your retainer ensures that your teeth will not move back into their old crooked positions. We have seen many adults quit wearing their retainer after a few years and end up having to go through the entire braces process again. It is best to just keep wearing your retainer to ensure your teeth won’t move.


Keep your retainer in a retainer case.

Don’t wrap it in a tissue. This is the most common way that retainers get thrown out. Have you heard the horror stories someone losing their retainer and digging through garbage cans for their retainer? Yuck! It’s best to just use the case to ensure you always know where it is and don’t end up throwing it away.

It is important to keep your retainers clean.

Like your teeth, your retainers can get a buildup of bacteria and white plaque. You must clean your retainers every single night. It is best to clean them with a bacteria-killing product like Retainer Brite, SonicBrite, or DentaSoak. You can brush your retainers with a toothbrush and toothpaste, but this will not adequately kill the bacteria. A good retainer cleaning product will ensure that your retainers stay clean and fresh smelling.


The simple tips above on taking care of your retainer will keep that smile of yours smiling. :)  Of course, you have any retainer issues, be sure to check in with either of our Edina Orthodontics offices at any time.


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